WhatsApp: The End of Barriers between Messaging Apps?

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In a world where digital communication is ubiquitous, interoperability between messaging apps is shaping up to be the next big change. With the European Union putting pressure on tech giants like Meta to open up their platforms, WhatsApp is at the center of a significant transformation. What implications does this have for users and the security of their data? Dive into this sea of technology.

WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging application in the world, faces an important challenge: to open up to interoperability with other messaging applications. This move is in response to Meta's designation as one of the "gatekeeper" companies by the European Union's Digital Markets Act, which calls for greater openness in the digital communication market.

For the past two years, WhatsApp has been working on a solution that would allow other applications to connect to its service without compromising end-to-end encryption, a key feature for users' privacy and security. This task falls to Dick Brouwer, WhatsApp's director of engineering, who has stressed the importance of maintaining a balance between interoperability and privacy.

The deadline for WhatsApp to comply with these regulations expires in March, at which time the application is expected to allow interoperability in text messages, sending images and videos, voice messages and files between two people. However, calls and group chats will be covered at a later date.

The implementation of this interoperability raises security concerns, especially with regard to spam and scams. As a result, users will have the option to decide whether they wish to participate in the exchange of messages with third parties, which will be reflected in a separate tray in the WhatsApp interface.


Although interoperability promises to simplify communication between different messaging apps, the diversity of protocols and privacy settings presents a considerable challenge. Despite EU legislation, it is expected to take months before this functionality is fully implemented and available to users.

Apps wishing to participate in interoperability with WhatsApp will have to comply with specific terms and conditions, details of which will be known in March.


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