What's New in iOS 17.4: Alternative Stores, New Emojis and More

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The wait is over for Apple fans, as the company has announced the arrival of the most anticipated update for the iPhone: iOS 17.4. This historic update brings with it significant changes, from opening up alternative app stores to exciting improvements to the user experience. Join us as we explore the new features that will completely transform the way we interact with our Apple devices.

Apple breaks down barriers by allowing alternative app stores on the iPhone, in compliance with the European Union's Digital Markets Act. how will this decision change the way we install and enjoy apps on our devices?


Choice Of Default Browser:

The freedom to choose your default browser comes to iOS 17.4, something that many of its users may have long been waiting for, choosing a direct response to market demands. Let's look at the options available and how this feature gives users more control over their browsing experience. iOS will allow you to choose your default browser so you can control which app opens links to the websites you want to access. You can change the browser at any time from Settings. These are the default browsers you will be able to choose from:

  • Safari
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Opera
  • Ecosia
  • Firefox
  • Aloha
  • Brave
  • Onion Browser
  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Vivaldi

New Emojis and More:

In the diversity of emojis arriving with iOS 17.4, from facial expressions to symbols representing different types of families. In addition, there will be key modifications that make visual communication richer and more meaningful. These new Apple emojis have added a lot of new emojis in iOS 17.4 among which we find, for example, the emoji of "yes" and "no". We have completely new emojis and also some modifications of others: Emoji nodding with the head moving vertically, Emoji denying with the head moving horizontally.

Streaming Games Apps

A major change in App Store policies allows the installation of streaming game apps directly on the iPhone. Learn about the platforms that will now have their own app and how this transforms the gaming experience. Apple is going to allow installing streaming game applications, such as Xbox Cloud Gaming or Nvidia GeForce NOW, platforms that allow us to play games like Fortnite or Palworld. So far we had to resort to Safari to use these platforms that will now have their own app and this is a good point for apple.


What's new in CarPlay:

The new generation of CarPlay integrates more deeply with the vehicle, offering eight new apps that enhance connectivity and the driving experience. From managing paired iPhones to accessing weather controls, iOS 17.4 redefines in-car interaction, including enhancements to the stopwatch app, which now allows you to view one or more running timers from the iPhone lock screen. A perfect feature for live activities.



How SharePlay comes to the HomePod, allowing family and friends to control the music and contribute to the playlist in real time and The Apple Podcasts app takes a step forward by offering transcripts, giving listeners the ability to read the full content of an episode and making it easier to navigate.


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