Financial Innovation in iOS 17.4: 'Virtual Card Number' in Apple Cash

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In the fascinating world of technology, every software update holds exciting surprises. With iOS 17.4, Apple has introduced a revolutionary feature that is transforming the financial experience for Apple Cash users. The new feature, known as 'Virtual Card Number', is creating a significant change in the way users can use their balance, opening up new possibilities even when Apple Pay is not available. In this article, we will explore in detail this innovation that promises to change the way we interact with Apple Cash.

With the latest iOS 17.4 update, Apple Cash has taken a step forward by providing its users with a new tool: the 'Virtual Card Number'. Until now, Apple Cash was limited exclusively to Apple Pay transactions, without offering a card number for other purchasing options. However, this has changed.

According to reports on Reddit, Apple Cash users can now set up avirtual card number that allows them to make purchases when Apple Pay online is not a viable option. This change represents a milestone in the evolution of Apple Cash, giving users unprecedented flexibility to use their balance in different situations. The new functionality is presented to users via a pop-up message in the Wallet app, inviting them to set up their 'Virtual Card Number'. This number, accompanied by a new security code for each transaction, provides an additional layer of security, ensuring the protection of the user's financial information.

Once set up, the Apple Cash virtual card number can be easily accessed through Safari AutoFill, enabling online purchases where Apple Pay is not available. This capability not only expands user options, but also mirrors the functionality that has been available for the Apple Card since its launch.


Importantly, while the feature is currently in the hands of iOS 17.4 beta testers, it is expected to be available to the general public in early March. Anticipation and excitement surround this significant change to the Apple Cash experience, which promises to make every transaction more convenient and secure for users of the platform.


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