Disney wants its own universe inside Fortnite. It is going to invest 1.5 billion dollars to make it happen.

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In a historic milestone for the world of video games, two industry giants, Disney and Epic Games, have teamed up to bring to life an exciting connected universe for Fortnite. With a colossal investment of $1.5 billion, this collaboration promises to transform the gaming experience by integrating iconic characters and stories from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and Avatar into the already popular Fortnite. Join us on this journey as we explore the details of this ambitious partnership that promises to take interactivity and creativity to new levels.

In an announcement that shook the video game industry, The Walt Disney Company and Epic Games have unveiled an epic deal to build a "gaming and entertainment universe" within Fortnite. The magic of Disney will merge with the creativity of Epic Games in a project that not only redefines collaboration between companies, but also seeks to explore the emerging concept of metaverse.

Disney's massive $1.5 billion investment involves not only a significant stake in Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, but also a promise to deliver a world-class gaming experience that spans Disney's most beloved franchises. From the endearing characters of Pixar to the superheroes of Marvel to the far-flung galaxies of Star Wars, this universe promises to be a feast for fans of all ages.

This isn't Epic Games' first foray into momentous partnerships; recall that LEGO invested $2 billion a while back, bringing LEGO Fortnite to life. Now, with Disney on board, the collaboration aims to create an open and persistent ecosystem, merging the Disney and Fortnite communities into a single, exciting space.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney highlights Disney's early confidence in the Fortnite collaboration, noting the previous use of the Unreal Engine graphics engine in Disney's portfolio of games. The shared vision is to create an environment where communities from both brands can co-exist, interact and create together.

Although details of the "universe" are still scarce, there are glimpses of the influence of the metaverse concept in this collaboration. Robert Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, suggests that players will have the freedom to "create their own stories" and express their love for Disney in a completely innovative way. The promise of sharing these creations with the world adds an additional layer of excitement to this joint adventure.

In the early stages of 2024, the first fruits of this collaboration have been revealed with the launch of Lego Fortnite, a video game that goes beyond the traditional Battle Royale, incorporating game dynamics related to the popular building blocks.


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